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Our Journey


We all face difficult times in life, the loss of a loved one, unexpected test results at the doctor or for us it was infertility. But how do you keep pressing on when your enduring waves are so painful it feels as if they will never end? We asked that same question to ourselves and began hoping BEYOND HOPE and experienced God had not abandoned us but rather gave us extra strength through each situation.


We asked the same questions you probably ask:

*Why us? And why is God taking so long to answer our prayers?

We learned how important it is not only maintain faith during these difficult periods; you need TO HOPE BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS as well!


As we journeyed through infertility we began to hope BEYOND hope as referenced in Romans 4:18. We started to realize someone has to go through it and tell of His goodness through the darkness.

You are not alone in your pain. You have our prayers and support as you fight this difficult journey called life. 

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