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Husband to Ashley, dad to Isaac and Madelyn

Our story is about all of us, but I get the privilege of sharing it most of the time. 

I have had the joy of learning for  20+ years in leadership and pastoral roles, assisting in launching campuses in multiple cities and states. I have assisted church plants as well as some of the fastest growing churches in America.

Prior to ministry, I managed corporate franchises and coached basketball at the high school level. My heart for people and the church is to see both come to experience their true hope through Christ!

Currently we live in North Carolina where I am the Church Experience Pastor at Crossroads Fellowship



Ashley and I met 19 years ago and have just celebrated out 15th year of marriage. We began our journey like most couples, expecting to start a family a few years after we got married. 


God had different plans for us, as we waited until 3 weeks before our 10 year wedding anniversary to welcome our son Isaac. 


With the difficulty we had in having Isaac, we thought that may be all that God had in store for our family, but God reminded us of His promises and gave us Madelyn two and a half years after Isaac was born. 


We have our ups and downs the same as most couples and families, but we have learned to trust each other as we trust God. 


Through the frustrations of life and the joys, we are guided by our values and our faith. 


Our mission is to share God’s Hope. 

We tried cutting God out of it and doing it on our own, but that didn’t work.

We experienced depression- for months we didn't want to go to church, work, or anywhere. 

Our only motivation sometimes was to let the devil know he didn't get us, he won’t win!


God lead us to experience His Sovereignty. We had to really believe the scriptures even when we didn't feel it, or it seemed like nothing about our situation was changing. 

As we share our journey with you, we believe it will give you hope in hopeless situations. Why? Because we have been to the darkest places in our journey, and there is HOPE. 

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