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I Am...

When God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, He referred to Himself as "I Am", making a statement to Moses that He was everything! Telling Moses He was everything Moses needed Him to be, all the people of Israel needed Him to be and all we will ever need Him to be! Exodus 3:14

With that simple and very bold statement, God put a stamp on who He was and is, but not only that, I believe He stamped Moses as well. Encouraging and enabling Moses to become the leader He, God, had created him to be!

As people we often second guess our abilities, our God-given gifts. We question if we have enough courage, if we are equipped, or Christ-centered enough to make a difference. But, God, as our amazing Father is right there saying you can, not because of anything you have done, but because of everything He is!

So, try this, claim God to be the "I Am", because He is. Then fill in your blank as to who He has made you to be in Him! I am equipped. I am courageous. I am empowered. I am Jesus-centered. I am a servant. I am enabled. I am a leader. I am a child of God. What do you need to fill in the blank? I am____.

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