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Honor Merit Badge

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

This little word has been flowing in and out of my life recently. I have heard sermons about it, read scriptures directed to it, lived through holidays regarding it, and had the opportunity to live by, or ignore it.

Honor is one of those words we think we know, or only equate to the fifth commandment-honor your father and mother. But honor has so much more weight than just that; it carries honesty with every action taken which challenges you as an individual considering themself from all angles before making important decisions for others' lives alongside yours own--what does this mean? Do what's best not only outwards but also inwardly.

Do I live my life honestly, fairly, with integrity? Do I treat my wife, my family, my boss, co-workers and friends with honor? And if I can not treat them with honor, how can I then honor God? How can God use me to honor people I don't have a relationship with? How can I be seen as different from the world's standards if I let honor pass me by?

I had an opportunity today, to honor someone that I had no relationship with. We had scheduled a meeting, that honestly, I didn't feel the need to have. I politely cancelled the meeting, but did not hear a reply back as to whether or not this person received the message of cancellation. I had a choice, not show up and hope they got the message, or honor them.

I chose the honor route, mainly because God has been speaking to me in this manner for several weeks. As I left, what ended up being a 5 minute meeting confirming the cancellation, the person turned to me and said, "thanks for honoring your commitment".

Life doesn't always work out that way, but I know that God will choose the right timing to honor us if we are faithful in honoring Him and His people, regardless of the circumstance.

How will you honor someone this week?

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