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Wake Up

I find it hard to hear God audibly. I would assume that I am not alone in this regard. Of course if you do hear God audibly, and in fact it is God, please contact me directly so I can listen in on the next conversation! But seriously, God has not spoken audibly to anyone in quite some time. Which makes me wonder a couple of things. Am I paying attention? Distracted by my own life and what I want to accomplish do I even stop to think to listen to God? Often times the answer to both questions is a "no". Recently, I have been struggling in my relational time with God. I find myself doing so many things for Him, without actually spending any time with Him. I have felt for a little over a week now that I should "up" my time spent with God. Really be intentional in spending time in His Word, in prayer, thanksgiving and praise to Him. Of course I neglected to actually do anything about those feelings, but I had them nonetheless. Well, leave it to God to fix that situation. The last two days I have not slept very well, and I felt God's Spirit prompting me to spend time with Him. Instead, I have watched more streaming shows and movies while falling asleep in my chair, than actually spending time with Him.

For any of you that know me, I am NOT a morning person at all!! My alarm is my kids, and even that doesn't work all the time. Well, I felt the Spirit of the Lord told me last night, to read my Bible. I distinctly remember telling God, "If you wake me up in the morning, I'll spend time with you." Don't act like you haven't played similar games with God. Well, sure enough, God woke me up before my kids this morning.

I tell you this to encourage you, if God is speaking to you, listen. Turn down the noise of life, take 10 minutes a day to read a chapter in the Bible, ask God to help you understand it, pray and praise Him. Do it on your own time, because if you don't, He wants a relationship so badly with you, He may just wake you up!

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